Hey there!

I’m Metinee (pronounced meh-tuh-nee). I'm a product/interaction/user experience designer, currently working towards my Masters in Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin. This summer, I'll be starting a new chapter at SoFi in San Francisco as a Product Designer!

While pursuing my undergraduate degree in architecture at Rice University, I discovered my true passion lay in the design of people’s experiences. I want to combine my understanding of users and my visual design skills to solve problems of usability in technology, so the devices we use in our everyday lives become as intuitive and navigable as the architectural spaces we inhabit.

Outside of design, I’m passionate about food, photography, travel, and plants. My plant of the month is the silver pothos. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I developed a deep love for cheap, amazing food. I also take photos from time to time. Digital, 35mm film, and iPhone — I don't discriminate!

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